Respect | inspiration | Courage | Honor ~Vision
Respect | inspiration | Courage | Honor                 ~Vision

Overcoming all probability in becoming the acknowledged leader in personal style and quality.

History - RiCH Sr. told me when I first started playing sports, “you play how you feel.” I was always inspired to be the best, so that meant I had to feel good about myself. Part of that energy stemmed from me knowing that through hard work, I could be the best at whatever I chose. However part of that energy stemmed from just looking good!


My ‘code’ had to be the tightest. Over my playing career, I must have come up with 101 different ways to sport a football/baseball uniform. My uniform had to be on point. It had to make a statement. The statement was that the player wearing that particular uniform was planning to do something spectacular during the game. Anyone familiar with Hatch can tell you the rest.


May aim was for that code, that mentality, that message to resonate through my team. One of the greatest influences came from a baseball coach who demanded that everyone's shoes were SHINED before every game. As captain, I mandated that on game days and eventually travel days, we wore a business suit and tie. The message sent by your clothes should clearly represent you and ultimately for what you stand.


I withdrew several lifelong lessons from the games I played (no pun intended)---Hard work, respect, courage, honor etc. The main lesson taken was from my father, “you play how you feel.” In this game of life, Feeling Even Better About Yourself is the first step to success. Through my business, I try to show individuals how to achieve this goal by revealing to them different ways to enrich their personal flare.


-Be RiCH


Ronald C. Hatcher, Jr.

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