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Initial Consult

What type of career are you looking to launch? (Industry/Position/Specific Companies)

What are your salary expectations?

What are your qualifications? (education/experience/unique certifications/ references)

What information will show on your personal background? (criminal/driving record/ etc.)

Personal Contact Information: (Full Name/D.O.B./SS#/Address/E-mail Address/Phone Number(s))

It would be in your best interest to provide a copy of your college transcript. Some companies provide the option to submit a digital copy of this during the application process, and recruiters appreciate this gesture.



  • Included in your retainer fee, you will receive 2 resume’ formats geared towards specific industries or positions of your choice. For example, you will have 1 resume’ geared towards Sales and one geared towards HR/Administration.
  • You must provide a current copy of your resume’ for editing.


Application Services – We apply for positions on your behalf!

  • Included in your retainer fee, you will receive a complimentary application to either a position of your choosing or one selected by us.
  • All applications will include a personalized cover letter.
  • You have the option of 2 application service packages:
    • o   General Package – Includes 10 employment applications per week for which you will receive confirmation. The general package cost is $300.
    • o   Premium Package – Includes 21 employment applications per week for which you will receive confirmation. The cost for the premium package is $500 <--- greatest value.
    • Remember you can’t get hired if you are not actively applying. We all know the popular phrase, “Finding a job is a job.” Let us do the work for you.


Disclaimer – We make no guarantee of an employment offer. Our service will guarantee that you are actively applying for positions and presented in the most professional light possible. Your biggest value is that you are afforded the opportunity to continue on your current career path knowing that you are under consideration for greater opportunity!

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