Respect | inspiration | Courage | Honor ~Vision
Respect | inspiration | Courage | Honor                 ~Vision

Interview and Initial Consult: ($100)


Presentations and Appearances – starting at $1500

  1. Sports organization dress for business seminar
  2. Small Business and Corporate training for employees e.g. casual, business casual, business professional
  3. Secondary level and University business class on proper attire (interviews and on the job)
  4. Related events


Full service consultation/ shopping campaign ($250/hour) –Transportation provided


Traditional shopping consultation ($150/hour)


Current-state assessment ($100/hour)


Printed list of suggestions and ideas in portfolio format ($300)


New measurements and fitting ($100)


Tips and referrals (vip only)


Dress for Special Occasions ($150 per body)


Wedding attire coordination ($500)


For retail outlets – Display and marketing implementations ($1000 per department) based on industry average size


Photo shoots (starting at $3,000), limited rights - talent referrals available


Accessories Training – complimentary with full service consultation

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